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"Smoke Something"

Smoke something n*ggas
This one go out to all the n*ggas that be getting loaded
All the ladies that be getting loaded

Score it up, roll it up, blow it up
I'm bout to let you n*ggas know something
'fore you get mad and throw something
b*tch you better smoke something
If it's on your chest, get's rid of that mess, for the end of that stress
n*gga told me that's sess was the best, so I got's to test
It's all in the roll, f*ck how you hold it
If you didn't notice that I was f*cked up, y'all n*ggas ain't loaded
Speakin' of myself I'm just a rap writer
But before I get my nerves bad, let me go get my -- let me go get my lighter
Blaze up a swissa full of herb, shut the door, shut the window
Close the gate, get the phone out, I don't want to be disturbed
I'm on too but I'm in my own home
High as Cheech N Chong, in my own zone, smokin' homegrown
Smoke all over this motherf*cker
But never would have knowed it, if I wasn't loaded
So come and take a walk with me
Get spark with me *inhales* what a brought with me
See ya'll n*gga can't find this, n*ggas be moving in slow motion
Smokin' that Bionic Chronic
And ain't no weed like Bo-Weed
No four like that score
I be screamin but yall know what I'm fiendin' for
n*gga you wanna know something?
f*ck the dumb sh*t, n*gga you better smoke something

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