Dan Bull

"Evil Feeds"

Evil feeds
Residents like us
Residents like us

[Verse 1: Dan Bull]
I walk corridors all night trying
To recall my former life from before my eyes
Were assaulted with all these debauched sights like
When the torchlight shines on the gore I find
Shoot a corpse in the face like four, five times
Thoughts are like tyrants that haunt my mind
There's nothing bad with being scared of your own shadow
But keep a cool head or you could end up with no ammo
And if you end up with no ammo
You'll end up no head on your own neck
Redder than an old Giallo
Suspiria, could this experience be eerier?
Delirium is setting in, this situation's getting serious
But there's a complication, God has left the conversation
Now all we're left with is this mess of a zombie nation
But look on the bright side, it solved the overpopulation problem
So that copulation is a basic obligation

[Pre-Chorus: Dan Bull]
What's that noise? What's that sound?
It's coming for your blood and it's not gonna back down
What's that sound? What's that noise?
What kind of normal person ever does that voice?
What's that rattling the handle of the door?
It's shambling forward, getting back up off the floor
What's that rumbling? What's that smell?
I'm either scared or need to be prepared, I just can't tell
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