Dan Bull

"Left 4 Dead"

[Verse 1: JT Music]
Francis here
Can't stand it here
So, if you happen to get a chance, hand me beer
I'm a man's man who never had a fear of vampires
Even now that they're here
Did you hear that, Bill? They're not zombies
Could werewolves be real now? Probably
Being confident is not c*cky
Why are you guys alive? 'Cause you brought me!
No cops or laws? I love anarchy
I'll throw a post-apocalyptic party
Start up a bar fight with some rotting bodies
Better get a bouncer if you want to stop me
I miss my hog, it was a Harley
Now, I've got to walk and I hate walking
Don't touch the vest, you might make a mess
And then I'll hate you 'cause I hate washing!
I hate hospitals plus the doctors in them
I hate subways and all the tunnels with 'em
I hate graveyards and fish 'cause water is dumb
I hate Louis' stupid optimism
I hate sewers, I hate stairs
Hate helicopters, flying in the air
Hate elevators, hate Ayn Rand
Insulaphobia; I hate islands!
Good thing I'm indestructible (Hell yeah)
I'm an alpha-male, untouchable (Hands off)
Only demons that I'm comfortable with are Hell's Legion
'Cause I'm one, you know (Merry Christmas)
I get the job done with a shotgun like an action movie
Want to get tattoo of Bruce Campbell soon
Because that tat would be groovy!
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