Dan Bull

"Sewer Party Poop Juice"

[Verse 1: JT Music]
Drop your trousers
Come on down to clown town
You wanna get bloated and float around?
We'll be together forever
Lets exchange vows now
I said yes to the dress
And it's a brown gown!
What can I say
I'm a child lover
Hey, get your motherf**kin' mind out of the gutter
Because I'm gonna eat you and then in supreme poo
I'm backin' up the pipes with my sweet feces juice
I'm getting more poo in my pantaloons
Than Scooby Doo and he's gettin' spooked
By a looney dude in a ghouley suit
If your kids been missin'
I got news for you
Come to the sewer dude
Pull your big butt cheeks apart
Cut the cheese hard
With a wicked beefy fart
Poopy-poop might sink
But we'll let the stink fly
Your never leaving my house without pinkeye
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