An Impostor Calls

Dan Bull

[Verse 1: The Stupendium]
Just another day of duties on the Skeld
Slightly spooked by all the crew that we've expelled
Out the airlock, thinking that we're Sherlock
Trying to ensure whatever is aboard is sent to Hell
'Cause I've a sneaking suspicion there's a freak on the mission
And they're picking us off one by one
But with each wrong decision, we are missing a technician
And there isn't anywhere to run
Did you hеar that?

[Verse 2: Dan Bull]
Better finish the task that’s in hеre and dash, in fact
I’m a beginner at this but still, I’ll give it a bash
Unclear if anybody witnessed me get rid of the trash
But if they didn’t, we’re in for a nasty imminent crash
The killer has to be diligent
'Cause a slip of the mask could mean the difference
Between winning and getting evacuated
We’re trapped in a heated debate on who’s a friend or a foe
Will you be yeeted to space? Dunno, depends on the vote

[Chorus: The Stupendium & Dan Bull]
Now I’m losing faith in my crew
And I’m pointing fingers at you
We’re finding them gone, one by one
Until we’re finally down to two
I know that I’ve got nothing to prove
And so have you been telling the truth?
Well, I’m placing my faith in the vacuum of space
‘Cause face it, we haven’t a clue
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