Proper (USA)

"No Loitering"

[Verse 1]
2006, my sophomore year
Moved back to Mississippi‚ made a few friends since I’ve been here
I guess it’s not that bad?
The sun’s going down‚ it’s getting too dark to skate
JT’s gotta leave‚ their partner says they’ve been out too late
I hope I’m never whipped like that?
Well I actually just got dumped and I’m looking to pass
This self-pathetic-loathing off to anyone brave enough to ask just how I am
So let’s go to the country club and steal a few bricks of beer
There’s an old abandoned mansion, I hear the owner just died last year
Let’s invite a couple friends and get slammed

[Chorus 1]
'Cause there’s not much else to do
Unless it involves wedding bells or Harry Potter spells
100 degrees outside by noon, and I’m not going out in that
I’ll just watch Martin re-runs back to back
Wait for the sun to go down

[Verse 2]
5:30AM‚ debating going to school
Who invited JR last night?
He wouldn’t shut up about some band called Tool
And how "we just don’t get it"
Now it’s 10, and I’m making my way up to class
But my teacher’s a d**k so I’ll just slack, sleep‚ and let the time pass
I promise I’ll try harder next period
Now I made it to a class that I actually like
But it’s kinda hard to pay attention when the mall goths in here
Pick the same stupid fight about how MCR sold out after Bullets
Lunch rolls around, time to break Michael out of the academy
Cameron says he knows some easy eastsiders that’ll get my mind off of Tiffany
Alright it, we’re skipping, let’s do it

[Chous 2]
When it comes to school my best subjects were cutting class and chasing ass
I’m just no good at following rules, so we’ll just take the rest of the day off and see if this pays off
On the other side of town

[Verse 3]
Now it’s midnight and those eastsiders had common sense
So we’ll just do hoodlum sh*t - steal lawn gnomes, play ding dong ditch; sounds like a good night to me
Michael’s not cool enough to get invited to any private school parties
Rich kids waiting for their turn to talk “Look what my parents bought me!” - there’s really not much to see
I’d rather steal golf carts and go race around the lake
Than get invited to another Eagle Scout ceremony anyday
I mean seriously, how f**king boring can you be???

Let’s scope the block, and pick the locks
Do donuts in the lot, and p*ss off some cops

'Cause there's not much else to do
Unless it involves hoodlum sh*t or just kicking it
Plus no one really thinks we’re cool
So we’ll just spend the rest of the night out in Katy’s club house

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