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Proper (USA)

"Trill Recognize Trill"

[Verse 1]
Darren said I gave the best head he ever had
But that still wasn’t enough to make him less sad
Isn’t my timing just perfect?
You’re not the same person I met last year
Didn’t see it 'til you kissed me back
Darren said: "I guess it was just too much too fast"
I guess one month’s not enough time to get your life back on track
I hope you find the piece of you that got away
'Til then it’ll be an awkward couple of days
I don’t know if I’ll be coming back

[Verse 2]
Taylor said "Just stop. I’ll do it myself"
"I shouldn’t have to tell you what I like -
Forget it, I don’t need your help"
And I’ll get to apologizing and feel bad for trying
But I’ll tell myself that this is love, oh well
Taylor didn’t really speak much at all
Unless it was how much better they are at guitar
Or asking me to buy them alcohol
And I let them treat me like sh*t
'Cause I thought: "it’s the best I’m gonna get"
'Til they got sick of me and realized they were better off

[Verse 3]
Nikki said "That’s great but this might feel better"
"We can try it if you want but baby trust me, no pressure"
"It might work or it might not
We won’t know unless we give it a shot"
I think that she could really like me if I let her
Now Nikki says she loves me before she says good night
Even when I’m mean and/or just hungry
I know she means it every time
You can call it blind luck or call it working your way up
But what it feels like, it just feels right

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