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Proper (USA)

"IDFWA (Art School)"

[Verse 1]
Couldn’t do it anymore
Being a yes man, smiling and nodding
Because I thought that’d help me
Approach people with a calm and collected stability
But I was just another deer in the headlights
Shooting the sh*t and getting drunk like Bible times
Another buzzard laying on the beach
Trying to drink for cheap with people that didn’t need me

[Chorus 1]
Now I don’t f*ck with anybody
Not you, or you, especially not you
Okay well obviously Nikki, she upgraded to wifey
Eli and Tash, oh and Jon, I still got him too
I couldn’t wait around for you to get your sh*t together
But you can ask me what it’s like to have myself so figured out
I bet you wish you knew?

[Verse 2]
There was a time when I would try so hard
Not to be alone but now that’s all I want
Like Dr. Manhattan on the surface of Mars
You’ll get my dial tone, we’re closed, can’t you read the trendy helvetica font?
Because you’re all full of sh*t
I can’t believe I’d sit and listened to you go on
About how you’re just not into politics, unless it’s about weed
Then you’re a proletariat - armed with sickle and bong

[Chorus 2]
And yeah, I’m sure your art’s gonna change the world some day
But first can I get that $40 that I lent you last May?
And you can tell everyone we stopped hanging out because I changed
That’s fine, you're too close to 40 to see you're not supposed to stay the same

I know I made that whole deal about meeting other artists
But I’m starting to think it’s bullsh*t
It’s not about who who sings the loudest
Or who dresses the coolest
It’s about finding people that treat you right
And being okay on your own some nights
You don’t have to befriend everyone to have a good life

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