Proper (USA)

"White Sheep"

Hate my family, f**king hate my name
Hate that my earliest memories were pretending to be okay

[Verse 1]
I don't think there was a single time I felt like one of you
A single problem where I felt like I could confide in you too
A single lesson I learned by doing what you'd do
And when you hear this you'll call me ungrateful but mom, it's true

[Chorus 1]
Hate my family, f**king hate my name
I hate that my teenage years were spent being visibly not okay
Couldn’t afford a plane ticket when I thought Tiffany was dead
But you bought a dog and a pool instead
I hate that I never got my apology

[Verse 2]
Oh brother, I hate your temper
It's been plaguing me as far back as I can remember
I don't ever know what to say to you
They say: "You don't have to like your family, you just have to love them" - but I’m not sure that's true

[Chorus 2]
Hate my family, f**king hate my name
Hate that, to be myself, I had to move 1000 miles away
And I say I hate talking on the phone, but I just hate talking to you
I don't know what to do

I hate myself for feeling this way
'Cause if my dad showed me anything, it's that anyone can change
He went from always angry, smoking a pack a day
To calling me up to say he’s proud of the life that I made

Do I hate my family, do I hate my name?
'Cause I forget that they're people too and they had 3 kids at my age
Yeah, your parents can burn bridges and break your heart before anyone else, but I don't think that bridge is broken
It just needs some TLC and help
Its daunting and could be pointless but it's a necessary task
I just have to learn how to ask

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