Zach Bryan


[Verse 1]
I'm condemned, I'm condemned
Oh my heart is on the mend
Nobody gives a damn about me
You can tell me that you love me 'til your little lungs turn blue
But I'm always alone when I fall asleep
And the girls that walk downtown are like some stars that fell to earth
They like the veins in my arms, the story in my hurt
The boys they always tell me that my words get 'em by
They can tell how much I mean it by the bloodshot in my eye

So don't try to make it my fault
If you plan on leaving don't come at all
Lord knows no glory in the fall
If no one's around at the end of it all

I'm condemned, I'm condemned
Oh, my heart is on a mend
Looking for somebody who can save me
I'm condemned, I'm condemned
Just like all my worthless friends
Waiting on the wind to set us free

[Verse 2]
Well the debt that I've been after
All the booze and all the laughter
I guess that's just what makes us who we are
And the people that we lose
And the battles that we choose
Have you pining for something too damn far
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