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Unreleased and Rare Eminem

"Slim Shady (Unreleased)"

[Verse One: Eminem]
I'm a pacifist, unless there’s ass to kick
It'll be tragic miss, If I don't f*ck you b*tch
You can take the di*k you little c*nt
Lick it than pass it like a blunt
But I’m sober now I'm done with drugs
That was the last chapter this is the next one
My place in the game is big, son
I'm somewhere between God, Godzilla, and King Kong
A Monster, yeah like his di*k is
They say I'm hung like a bear, so run, run b*tches
The chainsaw can give you staple stitches
If your unfaithful, just kill your wife than rape your mistress
And if that don't work your a f*cking retard
I'm sick of playing games, I'm here for revenge, Dee Barnes
Slapping up Dre for what he start-
Ed, long time ago and it left him scarred

[Hook: Eminem] x2
Everybody knows I'm crazy
This game isn’t gonna change me
There’s nothing else to say, see
You already know I'm Shady

[Verse Two: Eminem & (Dr. Dre)]
I’m assuming you don't want to battle
That will be your dying day
Into your house bullets will rattle
You just cannot win this fray
Don't believe me ask Ray (Cornrows)
(I heard he thinks he's gangsta), but he’s really not though
(so don't f*ck with Slim), that's the goal
(he'll burn your house down), and relocate you to the motorhomes
Holdin' pullin' moldin' chrome
Oldest, dopest, grossest flow
Killer, father, loving home
Family jealous of all this gold
Everybody wants a million from Shady
Even the goddamn motherf*ckers who hate me
But I stays crazy, and sprayz AKs at babys
Me and Drezy (Yeah Slim your Shady)

[Hook 2: Eminem & (Dr. Dre)] x2
Mothef*cker I told you I was (crazy)
The game done helped (shape me)
The only thing left to (say b)
Is hey (Slim your Shady)

[Outro: Eminem]
Relapse 2 mothaf*ckas
f*ck you and your mothas
Dre grab the gat *gunshots*

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