Black Love (Freestyle) lyrics

Lady London

Black love, I want to…
I want to live in It
Pull me over a chair
Cause I want to sit in it
Take a moment to glare
Cause I want to witness it
And I started it yeah, so I want to finish it
It smell like cocoa butter here
A toast to love and still, I feel close to you in spirit
I ain't local but I'm near, get me?
Yeah, black is powerful
I believe in you when everyone is doubting you
Our love is like compatible
Fifteen minutes feel like an hour
And Cupid done got his bow and I get it, I got his arrow
You like Howard to me
All black, loud when you speak
This black lovе could probably power the streets
I see black
I dream black
Whеn I hear of black love, I need that
Yeah, I praise God and I’m thankful today
I thank God that I'm made in this way
Black, black, black, black

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