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"Green Goblin ft. BabyTron"

[Intro: BabyTron]
How you runnin' from the sack?
(Helluva made this beat baby!)
Ay, ay, ay, sh*ttyBoyz

[Verse 1: BabyTron and Tay B]
How you runnin' from the sack, Michael Vick
Chop like footlocker b*t*h got all kinda kick
Yeah, you threw the ball to the ground you spiked the b*t*h
I'm a safety I ain't do sh*t but light the pick
Back the f**k up, i'll Ray Rice a b*t*h
201 fire up a enterprise slidin' whips
Like a credit card boy I swiped yo b*t*h
I don't really like friends I just like my stick

[Chorus: BabyTron and Tay B]
I don't think she like me she like my kick
She tryna get a threesome she like my b*t*h
Gretzky with that stick i'll slide on sh*t
Like an old ass whip, got all kind of drip

[Verse 2: BabyTron and Tay B]
Tron and Tay B? That's damn near like Bron and AD
Run up on me, ima drop his KD
By the end of 2020, ima rock an AP
Ay Tron these broke n***as can't spell AP
By the end of 2020 they gon' be up 8 G's
Three time masterpiece they don't make these
Just got some head from a white b*t*h named Raycine
Triple S i'll stomp doggy face in
Ion sell sauce i'll give yo ass a fake bin
Super ham i'll tuck doggy cape in
Like you died at 9 years old you can't make 10
Punch god if the set hoes are asking me
Iron on my side I got Tony Stark attached to me
b*t*h no I can't be your n***a stop asking me
You lookin' for a Romeo but I ain't Master P
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