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"Big Time"

Aye, aye, sh*ttyBoyz

Face six woods, now I'm big high
In the rush to the pape, big time
Strap hanging out the bag, that's a big .9
If they put you in that room, you gon' 6ix9ine
I ain't lying, I'm big time
Hit Saks, light thrust, yeah, it's drip time
750 Yeez juug, that's a quick five
On South Beach hitting dimes 'cause I'm big time

[Verse 1]
SB in the lab, I can't switch sides
Caution cone on me, I ain't letting sh*t slide
All hustle, no luck, I'ma get mine
Stan said that we winning, that's a big [?]
Hit that b*t*h from the back, I'm a soul-snatcher
If she try and take a pic, I'ma phone grab her
If I lift the buffs up, I'll be [?]
Free smoke through this b*t*h, you don't want cancer
Gregg Popovich, I'm on the drawing board
This a head shot, what the f**k's the armor for?
It's kinda f**ked up that I ain't got a heart no more
I'm big Tron, touch me and you gon' start a war
I'm a shooter, yeah, I used to ball a little
To the pape, hell yeah, I might jog a little
Off-White, black and white, I'm a fraud official
Hellhounds with me, I'll send a dog to get you
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