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[Verse 1: OBN Dev]
I'm doing all my crimes anonymous, I got a VPN
I could pull up to the club, I'm underage but they gon' let me in
We gon' have to bring the choppa out of state if sh*t get out of hand
I could go and get a fire piece today and make a couple bands
Don't nobody wanna buy from me 'cause they know I scam
I just hit the road with fire BINs, I'm linking up with Stan
Almost started shooting with my Glock but it's another fan
I'm finna go and buy a money counter, I don't like my hands

[Verse 2: StanWill]
Aye, BIN fire, nah, for real, that's on God and 'em
Big sh*tting, big sh*tters 'round me, I'm with Tron and 'em
Walking in my closet, you done walked out the continent
Think I'm playing in the NHL, I'ma slide with sticks
X on my back, walk around like I'm a treasure map
Think he finna duck, we gon' hit him where his feathers at
Back in ninth grade [?] had the weather map
Glocky on us, bop sticks too, we don't ever lack

[Verse 3: BabyTron]
Since you riding foreign, I'ma pull up, knock the [?] off you
Boujee than a b*t*h, might get buried in a Gucci coffin
We'll wrap him up, let it sing, up the Toosii on him
Real life Tony, f**k around and up the Uzi on him
Pushing EDDs, punching kicks at the same time
Linked up with Dev, take the reader down to KY
Dee quarantined and just sent twenty over FaceTime
Thinking he a ape, .223 hit his BAPE side

[Verse 4: OBN Dev]
I'ma walk in with debit cards but they ain't mine
I'm scamming n***as, making music, money at the same time
He got twenty dollars to his name but throw up gang signs
I can spend a ten and make it back all in the same night
I know where I'm not supposed to be so I got killers with me
I'll really play a rap n***a, don't try to come and get off with me
They said the scam methods in a drought but I still got plenty
I just seen a broke-ass on the ground tryna collect pennies

[Verse 5: StanWill]
Chops and embossers in the trunk, I'm with OBN
Think he balling, huh, send him up there with Kobe then
Made twenty off the Track.2s, I just wrote me ten
b*t*h chose 'cause I'm a sh*ttyBoy, I told her blow me then
Glock with a fifty drum, I could play some tennis with it
In a foreign playing with the cheese, feel like a dentist with it
Lil' bro like Liu Kang with it, he like to finish n***as
OT tripping in a rental, bro just [?]

[Verse 6: BabyTron]
Saks Fifth, Neimans, f**ked around and I hit Blumen Dale
Explosive tips hit him in his head, we just sent dude to Hell
Flew here, not grew here, I got the zas through the mail
Woke up at 11:59, I made two by 12
If he reach for the Hutch piece, he's a dead guy
Curbside pick-up, me and Stan sitting at Best Buy
Three five [?] gave me a head high
Green beam on it but we caught him at the red light

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