Nuketown lyrics


[Intro: BabyTron]
Aye, Clover, what up?
Turn his block into Nuketown
I'll turn his block into Nuketown
Aye, sh*ttyBoyz

[Verse 1: BabyTron]
Turn his block into Nuketown
Choppa with the muzzle make the poof sound
Benz looking like a UFO with the roof down
Flying off the Runtz, grab yo b*t*h when I swoop down
I'm the truth now but you knew that
"Who that?", b*t*h, it's BabyTron, with yo through-ass
I ain't gonna lie, yo capping-ass should wear two hats
I'm feeling like The Punisher, I'm riding 'round with two straps

[Verse 2: Brooks]
Brooks [?] wake up with yo ho
If she ain't tryna f**k then the b*t*h gotta go
Pulling up to the White House with a heavy load
[?] the rubber for the [?] something you gotta know
Is you perping or you working? n***a, tell me what you sold
Loving all on that b*t*h, I'll still do her bold
Tryna book me for a show? Need a thousand on the nose
Tеst run, get a thousand of them b*t*hes sold

[Verse 3: BabyTron]
Abusivе on the road, jamming 201s
Chop split the double team [?]
Play tee, f**k it, I'ma do the 1s
Went and got a bag, had to give the hooping up
All it took was the right BIN
Big-ass gadget on me, I'm a Spy Kid
Ruth's Chris dinner type sh*t when I dine in
Demons on my ass, praying God let the light in

[Verse 4: Brooks]
Balenciaga tripping [?] you know how I play it
f**k that, white tee, 'Miri jeans, crackheads
Shot the bag down the way 'fore I got it back in
Doing all the driving, treat her like my best friend
Got the monkey on my back, oh, not this sh*t again
Drink the whole pint of the lean, wake up, do it again
Said she wanna f**k, well won't you bring yo friend too?
My n***a in the kitchen showing off his dance moves

[Outro: Brooks]
My n***a in the kitchen showing off his dance moves
My n***a in the kitchen showing off his dance moves

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