Ball Hog lyrics


Me and Stan shooting movie clips, we the Warner Bros
Ten box of Backwoods, it's looking like the corner store
Every one stuffed with an eigthy and some Oreos
Riding 'round Tennessee 8 with some foreign hoes
I might Delta first class to explore the coast
Chop put his ass to bed like it's full of Morgan Gross
My ball hog activated, b*t*h, I'm in my scoring mode
Money phone beeping for the pape, I'm ignoring hoes
Money phone beeping, money phone beeping
Feeling like I'm Vis 2012 winter season
Shooter catch you out, trail yo ass, flip yo demons
sh*t talker, had to Colgate and Listerine it
I don't need no help, f**k a deal, that's how I'm feeling lately
You are not tough, you off a Perc' and you just feeling crazy
In the booth or in the store but either way I'm milli' chasing
SB, DSM, it ain't no gang affiliation
On Telegram with my hacker mans, he be code breaking
Lifestyle faster than a b*t*h, I ain't got no patience
I'm the type to drop sixty on you, have the coach hate you
Barking in the 2021, yo whip slow, ain't it?
Walk down season, got a beam and an iron sight
Lil' pretty b*t*h head down, know I like it trife
b*t*h asked what I am, I'm the number after ninety-nine
I don't go to Somerset no more, can never find my size
Oh, you think you f**king with Tron? Well let's go line for line
Oh, you think your hoes colder too? Let's go dime for dime
Pull up, they gon' think we hit your block with some dynamite
Tryna swing? You gon' find a slug, you won't find a fight
Find a plug and make sure you flood if the price is right
Hopping out the hot tub with suds, this the island life
Nike tech equipped, lil' b*t*h, it's a swipey night
Backpack Boys got me cooked, I'm too high to drive
You can tell the bow eight thousand by the way I cough
With yo b*t*h getting good head in a spacious loft
I'm finna just show ya'll all year 'cause I hate to talk
Got it on my own, all hustle, I ain't pay to ball
Forty-eight minutes nonstop, I'm a real player
Unc' said if the seal pop, that's a deal breaker
Know some motherf**kers in the mountains making pill paper
Finna stack a hundred jacks up, I'll find Jill later
b*t*h, I got the sauce right now
Been hip for 300 but you know the sight 5
Better lock in and make it happen, you know time flies
2021, we in yo bushes, f**k a drive-by
I ain't have nobody in my corner, now the crowd rooting
Bounce back from every L I took, I ain't about losing
Talking 'bout the sh*ttyBoyz ain't turnt? Boy, you sound stupid
I done hit dawg fiancé and left the house ruined
It's 2021, I bet I rap the caption of the year
I sense snake vibes, I'ma mow the grass until it's clear
Dior backpack, please don't ask me what I have in here
Ice 'em up like a chandelier, it ain't no standards near

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