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"Supreme Hoodie"

[Part I: Supreme Hoodie]

[Intro 1: DanSometimes]
Daddy? Yes, son?
Can I have some more money, please?
Hahaha... of course!
What's it for?

A Supreme hoodie
A what? Supreme hoodie
Whatever you say, son
This should be played at high volume
Don't forget your cocaine!

[Chorus 1: DanSometimes]
Supreme hoodie
You hide all my insecurities
Daddy's so rich he needs security
Spend money to feel like somebody
Aye, yeah, I'm a hype-beast, no denying it
[?] I'm buyin' sh*t
If my hoodie gets creased, I'll be crying
It's lit!

[Verse 1: DanSometimes]
I asked my daddy and my mommy for some more money
To buy more supreme hoodies
They just gave me more coke!
*sniff* I look physically rich, but mentally, I'm broke!
White text, red box
Walk the walk, and talk the talk
I look fly, I am high
Me and daddy in the jet, Blue Sky!

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