What the f**k did I tell you when we started this
Heavy lies the crown, had to kill a king
Leave him bleeding out on a throne
They sing your praises alive but you die alone
Cloud city ain’t safe
They all want clout, they all get graves
Talking bout drought, ride those waves
I’m am the paragon, that is my arrogance
Imma go talk my talk real elegant
Riding this beat, stuck in my element
Lil boy wanna talk but he ain’t relevant
Utopia is too far gone
Lost our way, we lost our souls
I know the truth but cannot divulge
I am the truth, you are not woke
You are not woke
Catch all this smoke
I been plotting on y’all so long
Try to kill the king but he’s already gone
Shoulda payed attention to the name of the song

No cap
I ain’t f**k with the b*t*h she a rat
I don’t deal with a b*t*h who cap
No cap no cap

Real note, imma go down for the sound, real goat
Put my heart in this art Van Gogh
We grind to the wealth cos I grew up broke
I feel so rouge, when I spit these flows
Never gone fold, I ain’t gone break
Just cos I’m cold, don’t mean I’m fake
I’mma do me cos they always gone hate

Keep your circle tight
There’s snakes in the grass
Gotta cut the heads off
Gotta be standing last
Yeah they gonna take you
Indoctrinate you
Leave you in the wild
Yeah whose gonna save you

Yeah whose gonna save you
Whose gonna save you

I’m back on my old sh*t
Flex the gram devotion
Do not play my old sh*t
f**k the goon I’m sober
Feel like a god, my ego tripping
Off the juice I feel I’m living
Got a bad b*t*h in the back
Yeah and she catching feelings
Cut the head off the python
Square up on a opp mike Tyson
Ain’t gone break I’m a fighter
Did this on my own, I ain’t need a ghost writer
I did it, myself, myself, myself
Got no one to thank so I thank myself
Yeah I did it, I don’t take no L’s

Yeah the masses are rising
Artists eating their bread
Independent, speaking my gospel ascended
This earthy plain for mortals
Heavenly gates a portal
The death of the king is crucial
The land be given to those who bear the tools to use it
Care for the land not abuse it
Family ties don’t run deep enough for them to use us
Rise up
The shadows hide us from the dark
Don’t let them tear your family apart

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