S.H.Y.N.E. Freestyle lyrics

Coach Da Ghost

People dying, better pick a side
You already know how my hitters ride
I got money for dracos
Better lay low, or 'ya ass will be chicken fried
Most of my problems got minimized
They get involved just to criticize, I can’t wait till I bend and slide SHYNE! I'm eating food like its dinner time
My pops was a killer but I made it bigger
So f**k it it's up and I’m killing too
I know why they hate cause I been the truth
If my bro is spinning, then I'm spinning too
b*t*h, you think this fame is gon' stop me from catching a body?
You wish, I'm still catching withdrawals from my last body
Woo K
Your bro did a crime, now you pay
If b*t*hes start running their lips, like they with the sh*ts
Thеy get hit with like two strays
Ain't nobody safe that's what's Cho'ing on
Look at thе news like, "What’s going wrong?"
Just pay attention, the show is on
If I ever catch a opp, I’mma let the Glock pop until his shoulder gone
You don't know who you dealing with, I’mma show you
I went to jail, I couldn't make bail
But I did not tell n***a I don't owe you
I'm international, y’all is local
If you looking for help, listen I'll coach you
Whenever it's war then you meet the Ghost
Just look at my face you can see the Cho
The home of the gooey sauce, that's where n***as get pita rolled
Shots fired now it's free the bro
Some killers owe me, I don't need to blow
Oh you sure you wanna war with demons?
Do a drill then we shop at Nieman's
It's for the thrill I don't need a reason
Just to see a spill, that is so relieving
I admit, I have a lot that been on my mind
I'm one of the greatest it won't be too long before I resign
I'm only here for the dollar sign
They mention my name I ain't got the time
Why? Cause I got the format
How you know that these rappers is all, whack
I'm tryna get the drop, give him 32 shots
Leave his brain on his doormat
I'm a boss I didn't need a deal
I got the keys to the streets still, SHYNE!
I'm always equipped
This gun that I got on my hip, it done hit five guys
They not with the sh*ts
They make a diss and go snitch, that's 6ix9ine vibes
But we gon' save that for another story
They want the fame but I just want the glory
A perc 10 it ain't do nothing for me
I'm working, I got a dozen shorties
None of this murder sh*t new to me, please do not die off of jewelry
Russian roulette and it's you and me I be tripping off of foolery
Remember the days it was cool to be dipping and running from truancy
My motto was squeeze first, so why do they think that they shooting me?
Drippin' Dior and Amiri I'm shining, they tryna get near me
I'm a boss no you cannot compare me I'm watching the people that fear me
I told you first better pick a side
Or better yet just say you not Woo (K)
We been spinning for some years now
If your bro ain't dead then we shot you (SHYNE)

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