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Sofia Mills

"Coffee Breath"

[Verse 1]
Woke up in your new apartment
In your twin sized bed, coffee starting
Don't remember much; all I know
Is that you talk too much
Time to go

You've got those big blue eyes
Drive me crazy
Make me fantasise about you baby
And you smell so sweet
Like fresh picked daisies
Call me Dahmer cause your heart's so tasty

[Verse 2]
And I watched you break that glass you shatter
Said "its my mistake‚ I make things harder"
So I tried my best to shut my mouth
But all my thoughts I hid dug their way out

[Verse 3]
Said "you can't trust me"‚ I said "it's fine
Because I'm not happy 'til I tell a lie"
Now my bedsheets smell like your cologne
And in our separate worlds we sleep alone

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