Joey Trap & Tokyo’s Revenge


[Intro: Tokyo's Revenge]
Akachi on the beat, lil' b*t*h
Oh‚ yeah‚ yeah bro Cliff with me in the booth
Ooh‚ haha, yeah, b*t*h
My dot red‚ just like Clifford
That sh*t is crazy, really, you heard?
I have my dog in the booth
I sold my soul for a hotdog
Look‚ look

[Chorus: Tokyo's Revenge]
Two Gucci G's on my belt, what you mean, bro?
Ku Klux, swear hate these n***as stay fiend, bro
Blue bucks, ice all on my sh*t like I ski, bro
Ooh-uh, Willy Wonka n***as really get sweet, bro
L and the V on my bag, f**k you mean, b*t*h?
Space dust diamonds, watch face, bright beams, b*t*h
Ayy, uh, pray that n***a wanna fight me, b*t*h
d**k with a scope in case you wanna sight-see, b*t*h
Damn, yeah I'm feelin' like I'm invincible
'Stendo clip with the ruler
It'll teach 'em quick like the principal
Bullets hit him in intervals
Light him up like a Christmas tree
Kissin' death, like a mistletoe
Special beam on it, Piccolo
Ooh, pu**y n***a don't want no smoke, cancer
In your neck of the woods I'm with my stick, campin'
Trigger jumpin' like the Harlem Shake in the muzzle dancing
Horses in the white hood of 'rari like the f**kin' Klansmen
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