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"Back in time"

You'll never go back in time
Live in the now for real
Nothing you can do but flow
Flow with your corny and feel
You'll never go back in time..

Hey! Ho!... Wiggle little moon like no one watching
Cuz no one's watching
Wiggle little moon, wiggle little moon yeah!
Like no one's watching

Sky diving, dancing with lightning
Chills multiplying wattz up the spine and
Touching heaven and othe dimensions
We ain't even set foot out the kitchen!
Light hearted
I lock my sky rocket
She knocks the eye socket
The world's in my pocket
I don't know what I'm doing but I'm killing it
Lift off if you're feeling it


I'm way too cool
Outfit gear and weapons Up to date
Wear a few ghouls on my neck, to demonstrate
Who the real zooz always early on a playdate
Early on a playdate
Early means not late
I'm messing with a game that I don't truly understand
Step in the arena bring pain to the mic-stand
Not gonna go bananas
But I might go bananas
Stick to my own mantra
Eyes on the Bahamas

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