"Let′s Go Everywhere"

가자 jump 날아 볼까
Just get down, wanna go high
We're going fly, fly 다 superstar
날개를 펴고 한계 없이 가는 거야
’Cause we limitless
I'll give you what you need
하늘 위로 up, you better believe

Put your hands together
Oh, oh, oh, ooh, yeah
Let the music take control
We're going all night
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Let’s go everywhere, got to fly
Ready to go, it's time, hit the road
어디든 말해 줘 to the sky
난 너의 곁에 있어, yeah, yeah

Let's go everywhere
Let's go everywhere
Let's go everywhere
Ooh, ooh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
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