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"Nice Person (Tommy Craze Diss)"

[Intro: Infinite]
Ey (Infinite / Rapist)
Muslim Slayer here
(Did he just said...?)
And I wrote this sh*t in like five seconds or somethin' ya know
(Do you rape women?)
Too bad you ain't got no sh*t (He's a rapist / Raper)
(It's rapist not raper)
So just shut the f*ck up and listen (Oh my god rapist)
Cuz you're gonna be among the casualties in the booth tonight Tommy

[Verse 1: Infinite]
I don't even who the f*ck you are
But you do seem crazy for startin' a war
With me / Tommy cuz I'm about rape your mommy
f*ck a rapist / I'm the great raper dummy
My favorite hobby is to slay some puppies
And to choke women / gotta murder baby Islamics
My amazing c*ck is in the anus of these
f*ckin ladies / Paul Jason's coming
And you're right I'm an idiot / Please
You don't wanna mess with the most silliest prick
I say what I say throw your opinion's kid
In a trash can / Where you are living in / see
You the garbage / Thanks for pickin' this vid
You don't like it? Suck it cuz Infinite's lit
You've woken a giant / Now demon is here
What I'm spitting is real / Gonna finish this queer
How you gonna diss me back b*tch? (For real?)
Only skill you have is to make reaction
Videos / and to f*ckin lick your dad's di*k
Just to give you money cuz you're nothing without him
He's the only reason you ain't sucking di*ks out in
The streets / But I work hard for everything I ever achieved
You would deep throat a hundred thousand di*ks
Just to match my skills for a week
You're done / You marked the wrong guy
You can write nothing / You're gonna die tryin'
Something goes wrong I just gotta find my
Mic and I begin to sodomize tom's
Mom If has any / Thought I was some
Soft motherf*cker you're about start cryin'
Gonna c*m right on someone's eyes
Slaughtering women just cuz it's fun
Love being malevolent
Guess I had to make a villain
Now I'm so sick not even f*ckin penicillin can cure me
Dahmer is so benevolent when he's compared to me
Kidnap a celeb and then / Raping every feminist
Smashing the head of Anita Sarkeesian
Stick a gun in her butt when she's oblivious
I'm an odd idiot / They say I'm hideous
You're gon' die, minions

[Skit: Infinite]
So many triggered online warriors on my di*k everyday (hate speech, hate speech)
And they're just talented in one thing (sexist pig)
And that's riding my fascinating di*k (that's hate speech)
And I ain't even gonna tell y'all to get off my di*k (hate speech)
Just keep riding it ... c*nts (Hate speech... peech)
(Errybody listen up)

[Verse 2: Infinite]
Whether you're a man or a b*tch
Or a dog or a kid
Or a cat or baby
Imma go for your throat while I'm giving you rabies
I would like to ensure that I'm hitting you daily
I ain't gonna even say why I decimate every
Muslims in my way
Cuz everything has been
Said by Richard Dawkins
So I just let this region darkens
Don't take me for a joke cuz I'm serious
When it comes to be a pervert I'm the creepiest
Got the eeriest thoughts for the prettiest
Thots and the idiot sl*ts I eviscerate lungs
Cuz my p*nis is long / so I p*ss in her thong
Shove a pyramid up her stinking ass butt
c*nt / Fight like a girl / Suck like a hoe
Scream like a b*tch / Run like it's your
Only way to live cuz I'm outta control
Rapping like a two year old I'm immature
b*tch I'm the definition of patriarchy
Smacking b*tches is one of my favorite hobbies
I ate misandry now I'm about to spit it in the ugly faces of these
sl*ts/ Having two hoes in the backseat
Fat ass b*tches were looking for a taxi
Tie them up / spank each one on their ass /we're
Going for a ride b*tch / Gonna hit that fast speed
Cuz I have to pass these cops so I can't see
Anybody here then I'm gonna get so nasty
sh*tting on their faces then I have to cast these
Hoes off a cliff and I am pleased

[Outro: Infinite]
I did said in that freestyle that I'm gonna cuz a mayhem didn't I?
It ain't my fault that women ain't sh*t
Just admit it
And you're screwing with the wrong person you f*ckin c*nts
And by the way who the f*ck calls himself Tommy Craze
Dummy Gay
This retarded wears a f*ckin beanie in the house
And he was so nobody that I didn't have enough materials to take shots at him
But I know exactly who you are Tommy
Licking your dad's balls to fill your pockets
And making your voice deep like that won't make you look like a man
Since you can't do sh*t without your daddy

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