Dirty Heads

"Super Moon"

I am a stranger from a supermoon
I am a stranger from a supermoon

[Verse 1]
Yeah, sharp as a needle point
My point is I don't need a reason, f**kin' Bruce Lee Roy
So get the hell out of my dojo if you don't know that I'm loco
I'm stepping on these beetles with my bare feet, Yoko Ono
It's moving day, y'all are f**king nuts and I'm the crudité
I'ma smoke you out until I hear you saying kumaté
I just need some peace, I think I'll go and grab my Callaway's
By the way, I'm so f**kin' high sometimes I think that I might fly away
Me and Willie really need to ride off in the sunset
Sometimes I think maybe I ain't got enough guns yet
Loner in the dark with my horse by my side
A stranger in the night getting lost on the hillside

I am a stranger from a supermoon
I am a stranger from a supermoon

[Verse 2]
Supermoon in bloom of my existence
Gimme little bit of wind to stand and p*ss in
'Cause life ain't fun if you're not given some resistance
And I ain't done until the wanted sign is missin'
Living legend rolling 7's, never die
With the reverence I revel up in the pride
When they catch me they singing, just hang 'em high
Hang 'em high, hang 'em high for just trying to get high
Post up hanging out with the priestess
The oracle said nobody can beat this
She sees it, I'm facetious, sweeter than some bumblebee sh*t
There's a reason I can be the greatest, I believe it
I'm hearing thunder on the range
A coyote with the mange do peyote in the rain and I'm out
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