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Rio Da Yung OG

"Thank Me Later"

[Intro: YN Jay]
(Oooooh, Sav killed it)
Sav man, why you do that man?
Aye, you can thank me later

[Verse 1: YN Jay]
Got the head from your b*t*h she tried to make me pay her
They say I'm the leader of my hood they tried to make me mayor
Told bro put that weed out it ain't got no flavor
Bussin' crack down with my nails I ain't got no razor
How the f**k you blowin' smoke you ain't got no vapor
I'll hit a n***a with a beam, it ain't got no laser
I can move the bag to Las Vegas, I am not no [?]
Trappin' on the streets full of bandos, I don't got no neighbors
I be sellin' brown like Orlando, do you want a tester?
n***a told me he got [?], but it wasn't pressure
I can tell it wasn't straight drop, it had a different texture
Hit a lick to hit the wrong spot, it's in a different dresser
I don't want no chicken tender, it ain't come from Chesters
All these clips I could shoot a movie, I think I need directors
Drac' got a beam with a light, it look like projectors
Pint of Wock in a 2 liter, it taste like medicine

[Verse 2: Rio Da Yung OG]
Hit a white b*t*h didn't know her name, she look like a Jessica
I'm a Gulag sipper I need red, I don't want no yellow
Bought my b*t*h a pair of glass slippers, call her Cinderella
Told my fein he got to buy a sample, I don't give out testers
Beat him in his head with the gun, I don't need no bullets
Had to tell Ghost calm down, cause it be on bullsh*t
Told Jay let's put a play together, say he need some dog sh*t
You ain't really got no paper, n***a that's your dawg sh*t
n***a pulled up with 10 pints, do you think I bought 'em?
n***a tryna scrap but I'm strapped, do you think I fought him?
Plug threw a bag I ran off, do you think I caught him?
Told him I ain't get the box he sent, do you think I caught it?
Somebody died in my hood, do you think I did it?
Fell asleep naked with a b*t*h, I don't think I hit her
My b*t*h left a couple months ago, do you think I miss her?
Just hit a b*t*h and cut into her friend, but I think they sisters
Her baby daddy got some money, but I think I'm richer
Made a 20 ball and put it up, I ain't take no pictures
Tryna do some sh*t I got my son, I need a babysitter
Pull up on a b*t*h she let me f**k, I blew a eighfy with her

[Verse 3: YN Jay]
Pull up on a b*t*h she wanna f**k, I told her make me dinner
b*t*h tried to raise her voice at me, almost made me hit her
n***a told me I can't f**k his b*t*h, almost made me hit her
b*t*h tried to key my car and run, almost made me hit her

[Verse 4: Rio Da Yung OG]
She stole some money out my pocket, tried to play the victim
Blamed the sh*t on her friend I hit, almost made me kill her
b*t*h sucked my d**k and kept the nut, she a baby stealer
I ain't tryna beef extort n***as, make 'em pay me chicken

[Outro: Rio Da Yung OG]
What you tell 'em Jay?
You can thank me later

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