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Ginger Trill

"Lisa’s Smile"

[Verse 1: Ginger Trill]
Shawty pretty as a painting, saved her number under Mona Lisa
We been cool since before she started smoking reefa
Actually met her on the net, via social media
She liked the song I did a while back with Ayanda Jiya
Texted back and forth about music a little bit
I know that she's a guy's girl just a little bit
Her closest homie is a distant cousin
I know she love her from the story she told me but yo, that b*tch be bugging
First time we met in person, was at some club in the city when I was down there working
Much as I hoped that night would turn out to be that perfect
Not in my wildest dreams did I think I'd run into this girl and one day she'd be my girlfriend
Yeah, instant attraction and subtle chemistry
We kicked it like it was just us in the vicinity
A little itty-bitty shy but had this vibe I liked
Knew from that moment it was finna be my kind of night


[Verse 2: Ginger Trill]
Long distance
On and off visits in-between tour
Tripping about her friends in our business
Short temper but she love me long kisses
Lil' bump n grind, don't see nothing wrong with it
Always pulled up looking good, always kept the sauce dripping
Spoke about anything, no topic was off limits
Deep dark secrets, side b*tches soft n*ggas
BS for the birds, she'd never talk pigeon
Maybe feminism, patriarchy or religion
Still bumping Trill sh*t, even though she know he ignant
Told me loving me was second nature, instinct
Made her wanna do a lot, better as the Mrs
I broke her heart, even though I ain't intended
Hadn't spoken to shawty in like a minute
When my mans gave me word she been f*cking other n*ggas
Maybe I should stop asking for forgiveness, damn

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