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Ginger Trill


Yeah, bad to the bone
Bad  to the bone

[Verse 1: Ginger Trill]
Uh, bad to the bone
I got word that you back in your zone
You  know, slay queening
Back  in your throne, so you barely made time to even chat on your phone
You used to hit me like " Where you at?"
"Is  you home?" "At your flat?" "You alone?" Such and that
But nowadays, you don't even answer
Remember when we used to kick it at your spot?
Play a lil music, get a glass of Patrón
Then  you do your freak em dance like you bad and you know it
If I had another chance with that ass, sh*t you know that I would smash
Wouldn't even brag to the homies
Wanted to be saved but I'm not that heroic, still
I got the dank and the Moët if you ever wanna hang for a moment
I ain't even mean to double tap, I was scrolling on the 'gram
sh*t, okay I was trolling
I was wondering how you holding up?
Yeah, your homie told you I would slow you up
I hate that hoe, I know you well and she don't know enough
She probably think I want you back just cause you glowing up
High rollers blowing up your celly
Snapchat booming and the 5 star telly
Flexing on 'em hoes, bad b*tch petty, that's just bad b*tch petty
sh*t, still you know where I'm at when you ready
When you ready

[Verse 2: Ginger Trill]
Only when you ready
You say you never made love and you never did
But you sure know how to f*ck and that's all we ever did
But you sure know how to bust it, that's all you ever did
All these n*ggas tryna cuff you but you never with it
In the club, drinking all the pain getting hella lit
You never loved these n*ggas, no you never will
I guess you got some issues, we all got some issues
We f*cked around and got too close
You acted weird, I kept my distance
Couldn't finish what I started with you, yeah
Like why do I even bother with you?
Why must sh*t aways be so much harder with you?
That's when you call me unreliable
I know you still love me, you indenial though
Tell me, you could be with anybody
Why you wanna be with somebody that's been with everybody?

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