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[Intro: K CAMP]
Camp! K CAMP
Lately, I've been gettin' money
(Big Fruit)

[Hook: K CAMP]
Lately, I've been gettin' money
I can't help how you feel
Baby you a real one, get hit, show 'em you real
Show 'em you real, (4x)
Lately, I've been gettin' money
I can't help how you feel

[Verse 1: Lil Boosie]
Lately, I've been gettin' a whole, a whole lot of money
My haters they been gettin' a whole, whole lot of nothing
I can’t help that I'm this hot, I'm so so blessed
You have fun wit them riders I’m so, so fresh
Everything I touch turn gold
I’mma winner
Lately, its playboy mansion pu**y might dig ha
You don't no my struggle everyday, anotha bag ask the world
Who the man?
They gone tell you boosie badazz
Call it my freedom, now I'm eatin', they got whiplash
7- 45 on my wrist, right now I'm so rich
I can't help how you feel
Cuz you feel how you feel
I’m just gon' do me and continue to be too real
6 different hustles, now I'm bringin' in a new year
Thank god, real music been saved, boosie boo hear they mad
Bout as cold as me, minors on they knee's
Ever since I been released, money falling off of trees! Errbody know-


[Verse 2: Wankaego]
I'm gettin' cash
My own crib, my own car
Sittin' back, gettin' money bags
I'm swimmin' in I, l-l-lone shark
Countin' checks, that GPS don't stop beepin'
Like da sound off, that navigation, lead me to the paper
Like on star, them trap n***as they love me, them whack b*t*hes ain't nothin' to me
Cuz ain't none of them hoes above me
I'm so dope, I blow cash, you hoes broke that's yo' bad
You can't afford my tote bag, I'm killin' sh*t
Toe tag, see me in the whip, like deuces go hang ya self
Y'all nuisance, we turnt up, we turnt out
My liquor straight, no juices sittin'
By my radi in the gettin' bread, like I work at panera
Panoramic roof, who disappear it, I reappear it in the panarama


[Verse 3: Webbie]
You know me, I grew up straight up off fast money
That Maserati jag money, stop handcuffin' dat b*t*h
Sound like a band don't it? It seal up like a man don't it?
I expect them bands on it, we get hoes, then we f**k 'em
They gon' brag on it, you can talk that talk
Can you walk that walk with bout 8 times ass on ya?
Had my lil' b*t*h turn every song, into her dance floor
Oh that ain't nuthin', you should see her with no pants on
I first night my girl, my relationships don't last long
But it be so fun while it be lastin' and I last long
And she lick on my tattoos, while I blast on her
And I see that pretty pu**y, see dats da one to call


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