Drop Head Phantom lyrics


Drop head Phantom
Brand new Cuban link, diamonds dancin'
In that drop head, run through East Atlanta
I'm Soulja Boy Soprano, Tony Montana
Drop head, drop head, drop head
Drop head, drop head, drop head Phantom
Drop head
Drop head, drop head, drop head Phantom

[Verse One: Soulja Boy]
Suicide doors
Let's take a toast
I make the most
I trap out the coast
I don't gotta boast
Kill it and whip it [?]
I'm whippin' right over the stove
Shout out my plug, we on
They know that we on
Pull up in a drop head
They know that we guappin'
I'm runnin' around with the check
Cuban link
Water whip on my neck
Young Soulja
Smokin' up on a jet
Flex and finesse
I'm feelin' like DJ Khaled, n***a
We the best
I'm trickin' the plug
I had to finesse
1200 my Giuseppe kicks
Stand on a yacht, and I know that I'm rich
Trappin', cappin' in my Gucci fit
Red ruby Balmain wrist
Overseas when I'm takin' the trip
Pistol and passport up on my hip
Hundred K, solid gold AP
Diamond skatin' so hard, 3D


[Verse Two: Wankaego]
Drop head, drop head Phantom
These n***as on lean, Codeine
Buy Promethazine and drop it in Fanta
I be fly as a f**k [?]
I was hot before I got to Atlanta
No Makonnen, but we got the club goin' up
Like an antennae
No changin' the channel
We hangin' up banners
We winnin'
On the clouds, we surfin'
b*t*hes be under my service
b*t*h, you don't get no reception
You outta service
Your n***a be roamin'
Guess he's lookin' for bones
But I'm lookin' for dollars
Your n***a don't got 'em
I'm sendin' him home
Fifty chandeliers in the crib while we eatin'
A hood billionaire
That's a trill b*t*h weakness
We layin' on beaches
We playin' the game
They up on the bleachers
Look at the score, you can't beat us
We takin' the trophies and givin' the speeches
Check out the rings on our fingers


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