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"Shotta Flow 3 (Indian Parody)"

[Intro: NLE Choppa]
Ayy (Crip), yeah (Crip), yeah (Crip), yeah

[Verse: DripReport & NLE Choppa]
Every show that I do, b*tch, you know that I rock it (Huh?)
The mic in my
hand, but the Glock in my pocket
These n*ggas keep dissin', I guess I'm the topic
These bullets gon' knock the knowledge out his noggin
It's Shotta Flow 3 and you know I'm a G
Beat my case, I ain't coppin' no plea
You say you a gangster, you say you a stepper
But you cooperated with police (On God)
Step back up then shoot my thunder
You ain't no boss, lil' n*gga, you a runner
This b*tch suckin' my di*k like a flavored cuc*mber
di*k all in her throat, I was touchin' her tonsils
Hit from the back, I was pullin' her hair and I pulled off her frontal

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