Mario Judah - Die Very Rough (Indian Version)


Do it, don't be shy
Don't do it
Do it
Don't do it, they will cancel you
Don't listen to the chicken
Hey, shut up
You shut up
No, you shut up!
Relax, relax, relax
This will cancel Drip, this will ruin his career!
Drip, look at all his old video comments
Unlimited passes (You're right, you're right)
Fine, I'll do it (You're gonna do it? Yeah)
Yeah (That is what I'm talking about, that is what I'm talking about)

I'm a big dog, big bear, n***a, I'm a lion
I'm the predator of the prey that is hiding
Oh my, oh my, I have found you, n***a
Don't you run from me, lil' n***a (Yeah)
You are not fast enough (Yeah)
You are not brave enough (Yeah)
You are out of luck
Now it's time for you to die very rough
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