"Internet Money - Lemonade (Indian Version)"

[Intro: DripReport]
Hello, how are you
I am under the water
Please help me
You're [?]

[Pre-Chorus: DripReport, Don Toliver]
Xanny bars, suicide door, brand new bag
College girls give a n***a head in my Rafs
Rockstar life, so much money it'll make you laugh
These b*t*hes, they hate, and you can't miss what you never had

[Chorus: DripReport]
Off the juice, codeine got me trippin'
Copped the coupe, woke up, roof is missin'
Ice, lemonade, my neck was dripping
Ice, lemonade, my nеck was dripping

[Verse 1: DripReport]
Addy boys, got some sixties in my bag
Lips sealеd, I ain't pillow talking, I'm no rat
In my earlobe, got two karats, VVS
Got a penthouse near Rodeo off of stress
All this money, when I grew up, I had nothing (I had nothing)
Filled with backstabbers, my old life was disgusting (Disgusting)
Can't believe it, gotta thank God that I'm living comfortably
Gettin' checks, I don't believe her, she say that she done with me
Burned some bridges and I let the fire light the way
Kickin' my feet up, left my PJs on a PJ
Yeah, I'm a big dawg, I walk around with no leash, yeah
I got water on me, yeah, everything on Fiji, yeah
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