Series 11
[Verse 1: Dee 1]

What for it, 
What up Cheech
I feel Like a king right now
I’m from the era of the bootleg piracy
Where artist rhyme for free
Cuz all the music fans buying was weak
But it don’t apply to we no one can rhyme with me
So put your hands where my eyes can see
Cuz no one robbin me
If you don’t support us than do you
But if you for us buy us and that not a reference to FUBU
No who knew that that David of a Dwire started spittin bars
Play your position cuz soldiers be on a mission
And the records get rough Snakes get shook
Lies get told and them lives get took
That boys on now the boys on now
The plans coming to get together I’m in my zone now
Reebok pumps Bball sharks
Don’t let the get up throw you off cuz I could be yall boss
And I ain't never been oppressed when I see yall floss
Behind the stuntin I can see yall lost from across the street

[Producer: Feb 9]

As for this beat, I didn’t use any samples. It was all just live playing and logic. How I crafted it, I started off with the drums, actually. Just kept messing with them until they sounded kinda dirty. Plugins, or different effects that I have sometimes I get into that mode
[Verse 2 :Rob Regal]

Lyriciss.. HVNTS… RAPFEST, look...
Okay, back to the pen, locked in these bars
I ain't fightin' with inmates, I'm competing with stars
They said my 2013 took me far
I dropped my first album but its nowhere near platinum
But even if the sales copper, enough copped it
To bring a little profit to this young prolific prophet
Another year starting, I ain't thinking bout stopping
My engine never stallin', I’m bout to rule, playing Stalin
One set of footprints, God walk with me, though
Having conversations with my soul with no sole
My position's the pole, the leader of the HVNTS
Image of the failure blacklisted, this is AdBlock
Speaker of the backblock roamers on the curbs
I still dap trappers while I'm dapper in the 'burbs
Tired of being slept on
Laying on this bed of nails, staying on point with these pads that I sketch on

[Producer: Feb 9]

Just really tryna make it sound like I sampled it from a vinyl. But it’s all just drums that went in Logic. Everything I pretty much just cut the highs off, just so it could sound real dirty and dusty. And just kinda have that warm groove to it, but theres’ no samples in it

[Verse 3: Nitty Scott]
Nitty Scott MC… Peace Coast Chilluminati
Thicker than a brick man I’m slicker than Rick
Cryptic, keep a bic on flick
I remember playing hookie with rap rookies
For corner store goodies
Cop liters puffin cheeba in adidas and hoodies
Real G’s I big up, ill sounds I stick up
More nouns I pick up
The more rounds I hiccup
Ludacris, smooth I’m moving with you think its lube in this
Well done, Peter Luger shit, the mood is lucrative
Ah, I need more talent and less ego
Another I’m next rapper here we go
I been the 10 with the infested pen
Infect them, and no I don’t invest in trends
My audio get the audience up in the auditorium
You just a pupil in my musical emporium
Dimensions Im blessed with
The flow quenches and drench all 5 senses…What

[Producer: Feb 9]

What’s goin on y’all, it’s ya boy FAB 9. The number one cipher in the game, Members only, join the cipher