Don’t Ever Land
[Verse 1:]
Oh i pray that i don't ever land
Pray that i don't ever land
Welcome back mr wildest mr flow so sick i’m nauseous
Put a price on all the heads of all the skeletons in my closet
I bet that all in one deposit i’m still paying for the pain it cost me
All my blood and sweat i’m exhausted
It's all my fault i can't be salty
I wear a bulseye on my back broke n***a wants to come at my scretch
I dont fret i don't scare i don't worry i attack
My AK surely strapped, hope it never have to Nolia clap
Gorilla war, all is fair your luck i double dare
I got to be out of my mind i put the switch on my 9
I call it stephen curry cause now i shoot 3 at a time
You done got in too deep if you landed
On my side of the line i’m paid up plus
I got it from crime, my truck transform like Optimus Prime
Please hop off of my dick i must admit
You got a long way to climb
I put away a sack in a safe deposit for my kids and my moms
Now i got something to lose
And absolutely nothing to prove to you
But don't get it twisted i come from flipping more blocks
Than a fuckin a rubix cube

I say money get me high (
High, high, high, high, high, high, high)
Oh how I pray that i don't ever land
Oh how i pray that i don't ever land
I say money get me high
(high, high, high, high, high, high, high)
Oh how i pray that i don't ever land [x2]
[Verse 2:]
Oh i’ve never been broke flip zero into into a kilo
Cut the beat off i never sold dope
But i did some things only God knows
Like Fraizer Ali, The battles of D-1 and D ep or e and since I go in
I pray that i win this might be my therapy so i go in
Whats up with my team i told them
I told them ,i told them i got to eat
So a lot of meat plus a lot of beef
Equals a lot of cake, Lottery, don't lie to me
Dont lie to me thats why Don Trip that guy to me
I’m too fly to speak throw them out threes
Looking way up down from the pilot seat
Be real be righteous just be relevant
If you flow sick i’m a flow medicine
I’m the first cuz of the step brothers
If we were on family feud you would never win (godee)
She say that my work ethics is charming
I grind when i’m yawning
I’ll be working so long i look down in my phone
Oh it's after 10 in the morning wake up
What's my motivation city on my back shoulders aching
Bitch slap been slept on gotta show the nation but it's hard to be patient
What's greatness is one percent inspiration
99% perspiration Godspeed as I'm dream chasing

[Verse 3:]
They say i’m so hot i’m popping off the stove with it
Lock and load with it let me in knock your door with it
Swap some hoes with it put you on your feet toes shit
I doctor Scholl's get it every step i put my soul in it mop the floor with these niggers
It's all or nothing it's all or nothing we saw this coming
All this money lets get all of us it
No smile discussion paint the picture keep shit gangster with you
Give up a dame the ones that stuck around i can't forget you
Or change a switch up it's the plan that we stuck to
Everything at hand is a must do
Must you put me on that list i need a plus two plus two more
Top five - Whether you agree i give a fuck it's fuck who dont
Stop time - If ever i should drop lines we need a piece of that pie
Oh we going to take whole oven show them nothing
And i ain't out here to impress the pros much but yours love it
On pace just keep it running this gone hold it down
One time for making easy money pimping hoes and style