RapFix 2013 Year-End Cypher
[Verse 1: R-Mean]
Smoke a [?], get me high enough
So I'm tying up to inject the blood of a lion's cub
Meanest [?] to kill 'em
Don't need you to love 'em, I need you to feel 'em
Never smile, but I love my job more than pedophile pediatricians
Never reconcile, meaning to be dissin'
Rappers looking at me like ''yo, since when's these Armenians spittin'?''
Catch me attacking these cats on rhythm
When I spit like backwards metabolism
Rappers vanish like there's magic in 'em
The fact is I'm different like capitalism, I bring competition
Religious cats fast to be fascinate Christian
Capping the system, don't learn from mistakes
Practice rapping since back when the victim was burned on them stakes
Trapped in this battle grind without the urge to escape
[?] soldiers don't worry about turning home safe
We hear to die for the Gods, these cats ain't ready
We ready like twelve-year old [?] ask R.Kelly
Yeah, cause [?] battle to death
Desperately trying to capture what's left
Evenly balance cash and respect
Staying firm, pants sagging like breasts
I shot past through [?] in every aspect
I frag your backs next, you catch a bad rep
Spit with the fire of dragons, I don't mean bad breath
Bangladesh, I stomp feet and stomp my feet when I come complete
Buzzing three B3's, I'm truly a baller
I said I flood the streets and that's nothing to do with water
You would've been dead if it was death before dishonor
You long gone, I bombard ya
What you gon' do, motherfucker? You all talk, uh
Bitch rappers trying to front, serious?
I leave 'em leaking every month; period
Who remains untouched like a nun's [?]
It's R dash, mean I'm the first to notice you a drag queen in reverse
A chick fronting like he a man, gats squeeze, we insert clips
I grab the mic, Sway grab the heat with a firm grip
We take care of business whichever you prefer, homie, just give me the word
[Verse 2: Locksmith]
If I sold you some weed would you embrace me?
If I told you I bleed would you replace me?
If we pulled a lick together as a click
Would you double click your mouse and vouch or wanted to face me?
Place me among genres, give me a corporate sponsor
[?] before, now you a endure my inner monster
Monstrosity mocking me, modesty, not a fool
No money for instruments through increments, we got a tool
I'm beaking for dudes seeking more leaning towards demonic
I slave to a track fame, our back-pains became chronic
Ironic, ain't it? Pain is obscene with obscene
I was deemed to be a sin, now America's best friend
Went from underrated to overrated, but the flow debated
That's so debated these folks'll credit, but you can't sustain it
Yeah, it's Locksmith from the rich
I break it down like so look
Look, this is the honest me, but honestly who can [?] that?
Fools who deal back, jealous tell us you never sell that
Rather they sell rap blaming they self lack
Claiming they bringing back the West when they barely can bring themselves back
Was held back, but I dealt back til my self rap
Was just a Trojan horse to no remorse and rebel back
You barely can write a verse, let alone ignite a thirst
Through this music that I excel at
Fact, but I guess it's all relative
Slow dude rapping sound like he off sedatives
Every know and then found an end to expound a trend
Claiming you profound when the sound is all repetitive
Whatever lives in your soul is so blind
Even you can't rhyme it, you don't realize you close minded
You hypocritical, typical dudes vow that you ain't leading foul
I see through your mirage, dude, you in denial
[Verse 3: Dee-1]
I got a bad case of writer's block, nothing sound right
Everything I jot down ain't tight
But I'm trying to write a song every night
To shed light on the fight that my people go through
Let go of my insight, but I'm so uninspired that I'm faulting my word
They so insecure, it's absurd, but I'm sure that if
A thousand people hear this, 500'll feel this
Half of them is lying so 250 still with me at this point
But watch what I do
About 50 girls is on that list cause I'm cute
That leaves it at 2 double 0, that's the people
That feel like I'm the truth like Pierce or Seagal
That's Polo beanie, I know you see me
Cause I got a buzz like a girl that's drunk of Martini's
Now eenie meenie miney mo
200 fans left, but 1 out of 2 fail to know that G-O-D drives me
Once they find that out, I'm at 150
To those who ride with me, when I'm gone don't forget me
And even if they should hit me the movement shall move on infinitely
So wish me well, I'm mister ''Pen Is Stressing''
I doubt that it's lessen, but life is about progressing
I knew what I would do soon as I started pursuing it
One wrong decision away from this being ruined
Look, 2 and 2 that's 4, 4 and 4 that's 8
8 and 8, that's what I'm great at
Give you three of them 16's plus a hook and you play that
I said that 150 was left, I was mistaken though
Half of them gonna stop riding soon as I start faking, yo
A third of them gonna stop listening soon as I start faking, yo
They saying ''he done sold out, he not like he used to be''
How you know how I used to be?
I snap and hit your whole block up with prayers, y'all ain't used to me
50 fans left, 10 hate me cause I'm red
10 don't like me, but won't say it
10 mad them girls like my dreads
20 left, 12 want me to marry 'em
6 looking for a head out, they want me to carry 'em
Never that, deleting and bury 'em, that leaves it at 2
One is me and if you still there the other is you
That leaves it at 2
One is me and if you still there the other is you
[Verse 4: Ellis]
I'm back at it like a relapsing addict
Being that I'm cut from a fabric that no longer exist
[?] seeing gorillas in the mix ruling with a hell void fist
But 85% won't get my gist
It ain't easy, please believe me, yeah, your life would need me
Living in Babylon even the richest greet
So long as hell is beneath me
Your eyes couldn't fathom what you see if you was me
Where I be, the queens of the Earth look at a good guy like a jerk
Purple hands from the granddaddy purp
[?] Denim so fly shirt
Don't get hurt, murked over a smurk
John Doe six feet under dirt
[?] going [?] like Kevin Durant in dirt
Wake up with my phone chirped
Can't find work, but I'm working towards [?]
Soul hurting, need to do some soul searching
Turn evil in my pockets, hurting, one things for certain
This is what the street's thirsting
You let me in there's curtains for the BS they're blurting
They making words rhyme, I was doing that at nine
[?] go from God's glory when I shine that got them blind
Word, please divine

[Verse 5: Chris Webby]
The new version of Jekyll and Hyde
Checking the rhyme and it’s straight madness
Snort a half brick of the yak till I’m doing backflips
And trip over my feet and fall into some wooden cabinets
And the show producer fire whoever put me on Rapfix
So on point AKA Young Cactus, tuh a mothereffer
Yeah I do it like your dad’s friends, so I’m back in with this rap stuff
You know that I’m wrapped up and you know what?
I forgot what I was saying so I’mma freestyle this
And Sway be like “Oh ish, oh he’s about to do this”
Because I’m coming back, you know when I’m coming when I play
I don’t play, I do this shit all day, damn I swore
But it’s okay, you don’t got the answers Sway
Because I’m running back and you know that I’m sick as Answer A
I be coming back, no one can see me and this here is easy
You better believe me ‘cause that’s just how it’s going
So you better remember it, a white boy coming out the heart of Connecticut
You know I get it in and every day I’m burning shit
Go on my website homie, get the merchandise
That’s how I’m going, you know that you can’t see son
It’s Chris Webby and my varsity is ED-1, see son, I be going and flowing
It’s off the top and every day I’mma rock and it never stops, word