Number 1 / Like Penny
Let's get it (oh yeahh)
Ahhh (oh yeah)
Bad Combination
Stack to Pennys the Hardaway, money never came easy
Money made magic in I'm Shaq with them Pennys, believe me
Yeah I blew chips, finally got to see you in that new crib
Hit the lot, pick and roll, that's a shot Ricky Roll
Injuries hinder me, Hall of Fame it was meant for me
Potentially, but eventually it only strengthened me mentally
[Starlito, Dee-1]
I've been number one ever since I left college
Wouldn't trade places with Chris Webber, or Chris Wallace
Well obviously I'm a prodigy
Ohh no no no, ain't no stopping my handles nice
Plus my business handle nice and properly
Hood hero, look at me, No limit Master P
Nashville to Memphis to the NO they have to see
[Starlito, Dee-1]
Man these people sleep on me, when they talk who the greatest is
With a great assist, Jersey and the latest kicks
Record this song, late night tip, I'm not the type to get involved in all that hatin shh
I don't know what made me say that
Been my Favorite since way
Grandma raise me since way back, way back gang
Never hurt nobody, why someone come and rob me
Ima freshmen in college, and i'm tryna get this knowledge
Took a Bullet to my foot, ima bounce back I promise
Dear Penny, Momma bought me your jersey for Christmas
Spent every penny, with the Champion logo, and the NBA patch
Couldn't quite afford your shoes to, dang they would've match
I got 25 basketball cards of you
Orlando magic lamp in me and my little sisters room too
Momma ordered it from QVC, well actually I dialed the number and told her it was on sell for free
But it wasn't
I remember callin my cousin like like ' I just meet Penny, and he know who I was'
But he doesn't know that I wrote him a letter, as a fourth grade assignment
Joined his fan club, 8x10 picture he signed it
Olympic Jersey from 96, I was in Atlanta that time
And I admit I almost cried when he missed, Nick Anderson at the line
I remember NBA live, yeah
Layup line, 7th grade number 2 Pennys
I too move a finger for a new beginning

Now I'm on Instagram flexing cause
I just met Penny Hardaway as I'm passin through Memphis
Eatin at Gus's chicken, I had to get a pick
Then I post it up our little flick, I just met my favorite
Then Lito left a comment, he said 'that was his fav'
I said 'Man we gotta do a song, showing love to Penny one day'
Nah we link in the Yo, Camera Street like T.I. and dro
Pick a beat then we roll, like Penny n Shaq in 94
Ahh Dee-1 rockin, yellin LSU, got nothing against man
I rep TSU, Big Blue go Tigers, no not Memphis mane
Shout out Andre Allen, Mingo Johnson, Scooter McFadden, Donis Thomas, German Hunt, Shawn Williams, and Brian College
Carlos Rodgers, Rico B that was my study hall teacher, and ISS
When my teachers couldn't reach me
In school suspension, yeah and then I made the basketball team and I quit, 2 years
Uhh straight then I hit, I ain't try out freshmen year
I tried out for the summer team and I got cut uhh
For some that was smackin the backboards in fast breaks and shit
I was like 5-6 playing point guard, I had a growth spurt
I was like 6-1 the next year, I really wanna play for him still
I started playin AAU that spring, for one of my old football coaches
I was like 6-2, 6-2 1/2, I joined the team my junior year
I was captain of the team my senior year, we got our first district championship
Yeah, we was 2 games away from the state tournament
All district, All region, I got a lot of offers
But I skipped the first grade, so I was 16 my senior year
I was 6 ft 4 I averaged I think a double, double 12 point 10 rebs something like that
But um long story short basketball was, my first love, Rap game Second here I am
My first rap name was AllStar, cause of the correlation between rap and sports I wanted to be at the top of my game, and this game
But uhh later on changed to Starlito but I still love sports the same
I gamble on basketball everyday pretty much, I win sometimes
But uhh you know I'm winning I feel privileged to work with Dee-1 and other artist like that, we got similar mindsets
We have the same favorite basketball player growing up
Made a song about it, 'wanna hear it?'
Hear it go, press back, go back to the start
But all those people we spoke about we had person ties to our lives