"BookBag 2.0"

[Verse 1: BigKayBeezy & Polo G]
I don't got a pencil or pen in this bookbag
Added like ten to the clip 'cause it look bad
Don't give a f**k if you p*ssed, n***a, get mad
Or you can b*t*h and get killed with your b*t*h ass
Lil' bro got blood on his shirt with his Crip ass
Go write a diss and get murked, don't do sh*t ass
b*t*h, I'm a star, I might burst with my stiff ass
Hop out the car like, "Who want it? Who with that?"
I don't know nothin', I was gone when they did that
Bandana wrapped where my chrome and my wig at
If he want beef, hit his home with a Big Mac
n***as be breaking the code like a Kit-Kat
Runnin' your mouth like a ho get you b*t*h-slapped (Talk too much)
Actin' too tough get your b*t*h wrapped up (Goofy ass)
I can make four blunts out a b*t*h like, "Huh?"
I'm rollin' Backwoods, what the f**k is a dutch?
And my coupe automatic like f**k is a clutch?
And you still rocking PacSun, boy, you a bum
Could've bought a new gun, what I spent on my charm
I get cheese by the pound, this is not Parmesan
I'm smoking broccoli, countin' up lettuce
In love with the Glocky, think I got a fetish
Kush in my pocket, this sh*t hella smelly
Little Caesars my Glock, keep that b*t*h hot and ready
Finna be summer, go pull out the shirts
And go pull out the shovels and water the dirt
n***as been so-called lookin' for me
'Fore I hide from a n***a, I'm poppin' him first
If you my b*t*h, then you gotta be pretty and with it
Like, "Bae, put the Glock in your purse"
f**k up your life like some crack or a curse
Got a b*t*h with a pipe in the back of the vert
Thinking sh*t sweet could turn matters to worse
Go from Cadillac trucks to a Cadillac hearse
Act like you poppin', get popped like a Perc'
Front like he got it, we rob him, that's merch
Go through his wallet and all of his merch
f**k what you call it, I call it some work
And I'm constantly balling like Caris LeVert
I ain't f**kin' her raw even off of this Perc' (Ayy)
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