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White Ward

"Love Exchange Failure"

Empty streets wallow in night lights
Crowded for a day, they rest
But lonely strangers always gaze
At every turn, they do their best

While someone's running from themselves
They often want to save some time
Instead, they make an old mistake
Passionately commit a crime

Feeble flesh is torn apart
Blood and dust are turned to mud
Once was bright — will never shine
I gift you with what was mine

Take my pains and leave a prayer
I am your most sinful player
The redemption for my past
Turned your smile into rust

A child is drowned within
Entombed in a pool of tears
A grownup is buried alive
And lives a life that's full of nightmares

A victim's always innocent
A murderer is sleepless
All my tears are pushing me
To the loss of empathy

I delegate my weaknesses to you
And carve a hymn to tyranny
With nails that go deep inside your chest
I wish you all the best

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