1,000 Times Goodbye (Live at the Web Theatre, Phoenix, AZ) lyrics


[Instrumental Intro]

The tides of change pulled us apart
I feel a familiar pain
It seems like years since we've loved or even liked
And that's a lonely way to be

Drifting alone in a sea of agony
Your face I can't recognise
Don't make this hard on us
I will miss you if you just go away

I did no right, you did no wrong
Nothing left but wasted days
I regret you leaving
But I will never take you back

Goodbye, one thousand times goodbye
The thought never crossed my mind
That this would be my last goodbye
Let me put pennies on your eyes
And kiss your lips one last goodbye
My love, one thousand times goodbye

It seems nothing good is free
A good thing cost much more than the price
You were good, but not that good, don't kid yourself
Now it's time to break up

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