Cal Scruby


[Verse 1]
You here tonight baby, you got yo ticket to the show
If they say they don't dance, why they all over the floor
I ain't really give em a chance, by now they probably know
I'm getting love in every city in the double O
sh*t I got it, flow so hotted, like I'm coming straight from the rack of the [?]
I mean I'm reppin the spot, yes I am reckless about it cause on the regular I'm pro like my arms outta socket
Keep the arms in the pocket there ain't no need for shooting
And keep the money in the wallet, so I save for the future
But that philosophy is slipping my mind when she on top of me
Lobster and shrimp, feeling like I won the lottery

Clap clap bravo
Clap clap bravo
Clap clap bravo
Lobster and shrimp and a glass of mascato

[Verse 2]
Uh, but what more could you ask for, ride around my city smelling like it's twenty past four
Brain tripping like he need a f**king passport, he just keep on asking how long this suppose to last for
It's so potent, cup full of potion, getting bout as high as my intelligence is quotient
My iq is my queue, to remove what these dudes have confused with good tunes, replace it with [?]
Doing that's me no secret, y'all on that deep end
Even when I'm broke, still ain't sippin' on that cheap sh*t
Blowing on the strong, I can see your own that weak sh*t
I gave it to your woman, let her keep it
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