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Yung Vex

Remember i wasn’t thinking real straight
I don’t hate you but i hate you when i’m feeling the pain
Sorry about that
I ain’t wanna bring that back
Didn’t wanna hit you up, I wasn’t tryna get you back
I ain’t want my life to go down and crash
Tell me what you thinkin’ ‘bout
Tell me what you really ‘bout
Tell me is you smoking loud
Tell me, is you poppin’ pills
Tell me, is you down for real
Tell me are these feelings for your new guy how you really feel

[Verse 2]
Or is you finna do that sh*t [?] me to him
Talking behind my back to get off really quick
Maybe you fine, but that ain’t getting to me
Take you out to cabin and shoot you behind all the trees

I ain’t here to tеll you the truth
But I know that you don’t wanna be you
You wanna fake it
You wanna makе it
You want everyone to be impressed when they see yo ass naked

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