Our Ferrari lyrics

Oliver Walker

So what now?

We took a pill
On this ride
Mind on the drugs
You’re dilated eyes

Watch the clouds flow
Our Ferrari, Had a good time
(Age 15, how was I supposed to know, anything)

She let me out
Last year
She didn’t care
To stop the fear

Keep my mouth closed
We’re both so, familiar
Our Ferrari, Good times
Stick by me, close by me

You can find
You can’t find me

That’s just a slow drive
Left when I forget to speak
So I text her, please
Lesser speed
Texas speed, please
All this weed takes a toll
On me, eventually
Eventually, yes

Eventually, eventually

I care for you still, and I will
That was my part of the deal
We got so, familiar

Speeding each of the year
Our Ferrari
Good times

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