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BJ the Chicago Kid


Smoke a mild while I'm high to set the mood right
Get it ? Im too nice without out a miller lite
And my buds wiser it'll get you higher
Cop a pack of easy widers & a red lighter

I'm smoking now getting high above the clouds
By myslef I don't make a sound yet I'm smoking loud
Hears what I'm talking bout
(Inhales Weed) Breath it in, cough it out

[Verse 1]
It's Friday morning ... the rain is pouring
I'm snoring because I'm sleeping this is my vision recorded
And everything is distorted .. it's getting crazy
n*ggas killing each other cuz the world is disarraying

I'm .. walking round thinking how all this happened
Tryna speak to people but all I hear is myself rapping
Yes this a dream but still I'm rapping in my thoughts
What your hearing is my mind being recorded

I see a man he says hi .. I look up then walk by
And it starts to rain cuz the clouds are my eyes
Yes I'm crying inside & my eyes are high
I turn around realizing its my father floating to the sky

I look up said & why's whats happening God/gawd
Hear my father respond this gotta happen' for you to rap hard
I wake up, that dream was crazy as hell
So I rolled me up two L's & they burned like Hell

Woah .. It's getting hot & The room's spinning
Either I'm thinking twisted or this high is bad as I
Or my intentions .. is what I should've said
But let's get back to the story for I forget

So I'm in the crib all alone & I'm writing to find my zone
I'm shooting shots at the basket but bricks are building my home
So do I keep shooting bricks because it's building my home
Or should I make em cuz I know it's gonna pay in the long run

I know I'm not perfect
But I'll still make a decision that make my life still worth it, yea-ea-eahhh
And sometimes it may hurt
But I know what you see ain't what it's gon' be, cause I know my worth, yeeeaaahhhh...

[Verse 2]
Now I'm in the kitchen .. still spittin'
Bout to cook up some beats then have a recipe written
Encrypted .. only I can get it
So you better mind your business tryna find this cryptic

I think I'm, I think I'm, I think I think I'm too high
Or my brains fried cuz bacons on my mind
Fame is the wave & I'm trying to tide
And I'm hungry for bread & butter but won't swallow my pride

Why ? I don't know but I'm full now I'm bout to lay down
And let my brain rest so all of my thoughts don't drain out
My popularity is like slow leak in some water
I won't explain that bar cuz if you get it then it's harder

Sometimes I feel like I'm the best .. but that ain't true
Sometimes I feel like I can't rap unless I'm crazy smacked
Now I've come the conclusion that
When I get writers block If I take a puff my mind opens up

Real rap I'm trying realize
If what I'm sayings intelligent or too crazy to make sense/cents
Aww man I used that reference before
But my brain is like a muscle when I'm high working until it sores/soars

Damn I forgot the topic
It's friday, I'm high & breakfast was pretty poppin'
Now I look for the time & it's 5 in the afternoon
So I rush to spray the whole crib cuz my mother is coming home soon


[Verse 3]
Ok it's time to get focused .. here's a better picture
I go to the bathroom to get the Fabreeze & spray
And when I gave it a shake, I realized it was empty
But when I checked it this morning I could've sworn there was plenty

Damn, why did I choose to smoke in my crib today
I guess I figured that getting high would float all my problems away
But instead it's just lingering in room
I can't lie I kinda feel like BIG, (Why?) cuz I'm ready to die

Now the whole room is shaking
My body starts to get hot & my stomach is aching
What do I do in this situation my mother is prolly round the corner
And my room smells like weed plus the smoke makes is look like a sauna

(Aw man) I'm light headed & feeling faint
My heart is pounding & that's when I grab my switch blade
I aim for my chest hoping I end up in heaven
That's ehrn I get the message that said, (I'll be home around 7)

I Drop the knife then opened my door
That's when I open my eyes & realized that me getting caught was a lie
My window is open, all the smoke is gone
And I'm sweating like played a whole game of basketball

I can't believe that situation was dream
But I guess without that crazy dream I wouldn't of had this rhyme scheme
So some say that I think hot, I say that I brew
So lets put movie on youtube & see If I get a Pay-per-view/Paper View


I'm good, I'm good, I'm good [6x]

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