BJ the Chicago Kid

"Used to Be My Homie"

Gangsta Gibbs baby

[Hook: Freddie Gibbs & BJ The Chicago]
And if you don't know bout it (if you don't know bout it)
Then you better ask somebody (better ask somebody)
Hunnid thousand dollars in my motor man
I'm boutta blow past somebody (ooh)
The way I came in the game ain't a shame, it's a miracle (it's a miracle)
And Imma shine on my name do it big, for my n***as (ooh)

[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
Used to be my homie
Now he actin' like he don't know me
Used to come back to back with the matchin' chrome homie
Seventeen years old with a pocket full of stones on me
Yeah, doin everything the wrong way
Say homie I was in my own way
So a n***a had to go his own way
Hurt your heart when you see my video, hear my song play
Danger, old homeboys is like strangers
I feel like they're scared to grow up
And theyself changes
n***as front on me and say
*Freddie nobody changes*
I tell 'em you're goddamn right
I got my change up
Everyday I change up with stranger b*t*hes in the stripclub
Trickin', I'm changed
Change, don't listen
You might lose a couple homies on your journey to a million
But your homies need to pay their position
Stay out their feelings
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