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Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage

"Where Is The Machine"

We've got machines we invent and learn how to build
That can stir the cement for giant holes to be filled
With a balance of minerals, liquids, and anthracites
Thru trial and error at a particular Fahrenheit
So why can’t there be some kind of mighty machine to fight feelings
They're just feelings

We got blueprints for rockets that defeat gravitation
With combustion hydraulics and discrete calculation
Of where the Karman line snaps and the sound wave convulses
To blast thru gaps in the armor of the magnetic pulses
Like a fist through a screen, so where is this machine to fight feelings
They're just little feelings

In boxes and tubes, we fight the cold and the heat
With square numbers and cubes to decisive defeat
Setting digital dials in fractions each can agree on
In hot orange spirals or in wintergreen freon
Spewing atoms or ice, but where do they have the device that fights feelings
They’re just stupid feelings

Just as the Grand Coulee dam merely begun as a dream
One day a bike-helmet cam grew from the era of steam
So maybe some magic time constructions we're not aware of
Will just pluck through your mind, just one more task to take care of
Can't something help fight feelings
They're just little feelings
Now that there's lasers and beams
Let's build amazing machines to fight feelings
There's just a few feelings, a few lousy feelings, a few stupid feelings, a few little feelings
Why can't they fight feelings

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