LLOYD (f/ Chink Santana) LYRICS


Yo yo yo
(hustler baby)
(hustler baby)
(hustler baby)

(verse 1:)
Deep in the cut
With the chrome on the thrown
Down in Decatur
Where the haters get shown
Ride around the spots
Where the pot gets grown
Now Im feelin blowed
Smoke by the zone
Misfit dudes by the rules reapply
Creeps low wit cruise control when Im high
Brand new 22 shoes on the ride
Gotta get blatta tatted
Hit up green rise

So Im ridin down this long country road
Followin rainbows
Tryna reach us in gold
I gotta grind hard
Til this sh*t gets sold
Just sit back relax
N watch it unfold
So Im gone hit up the studio
Write about 24
Til these hits get throwed
Cash checks
Get a boat
Betta keep it afloat
Dont end up bankrupt and broke

Ima hustler baby
(hudstler baby)
Im on the grind
And down for mine
Ima hustler baby
(hustler baby)
Gotta get the abs
And get that cash
Ima hustler baby
(ima hustler baby)
Im accusin peeps
Gotta stack my cheese
Ima hustler baby
Ima hustler
(ima hustler baby)
(verse 2:)
Now we deep on the creep
Down in Martin Luther King
Watch for the curb and the swirb on lean
Gotta hit the scene
So fresh so clean
In exclusive Irv and Jeffery jeans
Cash rules everything around me
My whole teams favorite color is green
Eventhough my 20/20 vision is keen
Never estimate
Get weighed by the beam

(hook and chorus)
(Chinks rap:)

Shawty you can catch us in the back of the club
(uh huh)
Fresh to death
N***a pourin it up
All the killaz straight showin me love
And the biggest bad b*t*hes all wantin to f**k
(wantin to f**k)
They know Im the realest n***a to hang wit
Im caped up
Plus I love to slang d**k
Up in the alley in the aston vain wish
Until I make they f**kin brains ?
Look shawty im dangerous
Yo n***a hate me
Cause you prolly his main b*t*h
F**k who you came wit
Let me explain this
I prefer the block
But ill pop the stainless
N***a got em creepin out the club real slow
B*t*hes shoot what they started
Askin can they go
Hell yea my n***a Lloyd
These hoes is G'd up
And they down to f**k
So roll that weed up