I’m a G
Now see it was Monday afternoon
Very first day of school
Back of the cla** makin girls laugh
Teachers mad cuz im cuttin a fool
Im jus doin what i usually do
Everythings cool
Chillin wit the crew
Sayin finally da bells bout'a ring
Thats when this new student walked in the room
My jaw dropped felt my heart stop
Shes flaw to flaw this girls so raw
So this girl go me hooked on like a bra
Like climax
Man i paused

See this girl is sick like the flu
Wish i knew who she was
Shes hot like curry my vision is blurry
But why should i worry

Cuz im a g
Can't let her get to me
But her voice sounds sweeter than a symphony
But i know know that eventually
She'll find someone else and forget of me
But im a g
Im a g
So what could it be

Now later on got home set down my bags
Got homework chores
Need to take out trash
But see this girls got me all of tact
Heart beatin fast who could i ask
Picked up the phone called tez
He said lloyd whats crackin
I said dawg you won't een belive what happened
Im chiilin and this girl walked up in the cla** and
Swear she look jus like janet jackson
So should i write a letter to her
Or should i send a messenger
I tried to vibe and connect wit her
But i didny hae enough guts to step to her
And i really want the best of her
But can get the rest a her ?
So he told me lloyd dont sweat it
And i said youre right
Forget it
Im a g