[Verse 1]
Ain't no n***a up in here betta come f**kin' wit me
Cause I'm a real bad man wit a gun in my hand and unlike you n***as I am not afraid to squeeze
Ya telephone ringin' Kelly Price on line one fat girl singin'
Ha, I said Kelly Price on line one all you get is flatlined f**kin' 'round where I'm from
I be on the back nine swingin' in my bay shorts listenin' to every line Lil Wayne and Drake wrote
I said Lil Wayne wrote, but my n***a never write, now let's get right tonight
I got my n***as, my b*t*hes, my liquor, my weed

My n***as, my b*t*hes, my liquor, my weed
Brand new drop top check the shot clock better know what time it is you can get your shot blocked
Like Yao Ming if you know what I mean B-M-dub blue with the seat side green
I be f**kin' out in public to let it be seen and I rock your republic like my jeans

[Verse 2]
I lost my city to Katrina
Can anybody tell me have you seen her?
New Orleans uptown to Louisa
Left up in the water no FEMA
Close your eyes n***a see what I see
People on the streets dyin' from hunger and disease
Politicians no trying to find the remedy since they rather open fire more guns no jobs for hire
So nothin's left but hustlin' in my community so I'm rushin' n***as just so I can feed my family
No welfare from the government when love is all we need
Nah love is all you need just give me my money